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You are here: Home » Products » Termination » Cold Shrink » 15kV Cold Shrink Indoor Termination

15kV Cold Shrink Indoor Termination

Model: 15kV
Adapter max size: 500mm²
Material: Liquid Silicone Rubber
Application: Cable termination(Indoor type)
Applicable cables: XLPE, PVC, EPR, etc.
Execution Standards: IEC60502.4, GB/T12706.4
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  • NKS-10kVLSI-


Cold shrink cable accessories product introduction:

Cold-shrinkable cable accessories are components that use high elastomer materials (commonly used silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber) to be injection vulcanized in the factory, then enlarged and lined with plastic spiral supports to form various cable accessories.

Medium Voltage Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories products are suitable for 6/10kV,8.7/15kV PVC, XLPE, and EPR single-core, two-core, three-core, four-core, and five-core power cables. Cold shrinkable cable accessories have the advantages of small size, easy and rapid operation, no need for special tools, wide application range and few product specifications. Compared with heat-shrinkable cable accessories, it does not require fire heating and is widely used in various fields such as electric power, petrochemicals, metallurgy, railways, and port construction.

Product execution standards: IEC60502.4, GB/T12706.4

Cold shrink cable accessories product features:

It is made from high-performance liquid silicone rubber

High mechanical strength, suitable for a variety of power cables

Strong UV resistance and strong weather resistance

Has excellent insulation properties, corona resistance and tracking resistance

Simple design and reasonable structure

Built-in stress control, uniform electric field distribution

Suitable for copper and aluminum cables

Suitable for crimp lugs and mechanical lugs

Quick assembly and simple installation

Electrical performance parameters of cold shrink cable accessories:




Technical Parameters

Cable rated voltage 6/10kV  8.7/15kV
Frequency withstand voltage(AC)


Partial Discharge


Impulse voltage


Heating cycles test in air 22kV, 60 cycles in total

Applicable cable cross section


The product has passed the inspection and certification of the China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) Power Industry Electrical Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center

Type test reference standard: IEC 60502-4:2010 GB/T 12706.4-2008

Selection table for cold shrink cable accessories:

Product name

Nominal cross section (mm²)

Kit Code

Product Code

3-core cold shrinkable 

indoor termination

25-50 NKS-10kVLSI-3/1 63501SCI-SZ
70-120 NKS-10kVLSI-3/2 63502SCI-SZ
150-240 NKS-10kVLSI-3/3 63503SCI-SZ
300-400 NKS-10kVLSI-3/4 63504SCI-SZ

Single core cold shrink

indoor termination

25-50 NKS-10kVLSI-1/1 63401SCI-SZ
70-120 NKS-10kVLSI-1/2 63402SCI-SZ
150-240 NKS-10kVLSI-1/3 63403SCI-SZ
300-400 NKS-10kVLSI-1/4 63404SCI-SZ

The company adheres to the concept of environmental friendliness and smart connection, and is willing to work with you to create green and sustainable development, leading smart technology power industry.

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