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Loadbreack Reducing Tap Connector

Model: 15kV 600A/200A
Material: EPDM
Applicable cables: XLPE, PVC, EPR, etc.
Execution Standards: IEEE 386
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  • NKS-15/600(200)-LRTC


  • 601CPS-SZ

Separable connector product introduction:

600A/200A Loadbreack Reducing Tap Connector is used to connect 600AT-type connectors or 600A extension pipes. It provides a 200A interface for 600A systems and can be connected to 200A elbow connectors. The elbow arrester can be plugged and unplugged under 200A load and serves as a load switch. Used to form a T-II connector with a T-shaped connector.

Loadbreack Reducing Tap Connector is made of high-quality EPDM (ethylene diene rubber). It is a fully sealed and fully insulated product.

Product execution standard: IEEE 386

This product matches Type D bushings in EN50180&50181.

Separable connector product features:

Made of EPDM one-piece molding

Has excellent insulation properties, corona resistance and tracking resistance

Reasonable structural design, three-layer post-injection peroxide cross-linking process to reduce partial discharge

Built-in stress control, uniform electric field distribution

Quick assembly and simple installation

Electrical performance parameters of separable connectors:




Technical Parameters System Voltage


Rated current


Max. Rating Phase to Phase 14.4kV
Max. Rating Phase to Ground 8.3kV
Frequency withstand voltage(AC)


Partial Discharge


Impulse voltage


Shielding resistance


The product has passed the inspection and certification of the China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) Power Industry Electrical Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center

Type test reference standard: IEEE 386

The company adheres to the concept of environmental friendliness and smart connection, and is willing to work with you to create green and sustainable development, leading smart technology power industry.

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