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NKS Power at Electric Power Asia Exhibition 2023

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June 8th. To June 10th 2023, As a high-tech enterprise of cable accessories industry in South China, NKS Power was invited by China Southern Power Grid to attend the "Electric Power Asia Exhibition" in Guangzhou, gathering industry elites to discuss development trends and help energy reform.

With the theme of "Green Energy · Digital Grid", more than 500 brand exhibitors appeared on the same stage, focusing on power electricians, new power systems, smart grid, digital grid, power Internet of Things, clean energy, energy storage technology, wire and cable, power cable accessories and other power industry chain, bringing together cutting-edge new technologies, new products, new materials and new applications. At the same time, the exhibition held a number of activities such as Asia Cable Exhibition, Asia New Power System Forum, Asia Cable Summit Forum.

At the exhibition site, NKS Power’s booth focused on high-voltage, low-voltage power cable accessories, screen separable connectors, premould cold shrink/heat shrink joint and termination, busbar connectors, GIS Termination, composite sleeve termination, epoxy resin bushings, lightning arrester, heat shrink tube, hot melt joint and other new products, attracting more than 300 industry-related customers to visit.

All along, NKS Power adheres to the people-oriented, technological innovation and scientific management as the guidelines, focuses on the global market, solves the industry's pain points, makes solid products, bases itself on China, serves the world, and contributes to the construction of clean energy in the world.

The company adheres to the concept of environmental friendliness and smart connection, and is willing to work with you to create green and sustainable development, leading smart technology power industry.

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