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Three Common Types of Cable Accessories

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-22      Origin: Site

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    Cable accessories are auxiliary equipment used to connect, extend, branch and terminate cables. They play an important role in wire and cable lines. Cable accessories are usually composed of metal connectors and highly insulating materials . They have excellent electrical and mechanical properties and can provide functions such as cable protection, connection and fixation. According to different usage environments and needs, the types and forms of cable accessories vary. For example, common cable heads can be divided into cold shrink cable heads and heat shrink cable heads. Their manufacturing processes and materials are different, but they can effectively seal the connection points of the cable to prevent electric shock and moisture intrusion. In addition, cable accessories can also be divided into indoor and outdoor types according to their usage scenarios, and can be divided into straight-through and branch types according to their structure. In short, cable accessories are an indispensable part of the wire and cable line, and their quality and performance directly affect the safety and stability of the entire line.

    Heat shrink cable accessory is a widely used wire and cable connector made of heat shrink material with excellent insulation and waterproof properties. Its main features include:

1. Strong shrinkability: Heat shrinkable cable accessories can shrink as needed to adapt to various cable sizes and installation requirements.

2. Good insulation: Heat shrinkable cable accessories are made of polymer materials, which have excellent insulation properties and can effectively prevent electric shock and leakage accidents.

3. Strong waterproofing: The heat-shrinkable cable accessories are made of multi-layer heat-shrinkable material, which has good waterproof performance and can effectively prevent the intrusion of moisture.

4. Strong corrosion resistance: The material of the heat shrinkable cable accessories has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of various chemical substances, ensuring the service life of the cable accessories.

5. Easy installation: The installation of heat shrinkable cable accessories is very simple. Just insert the cable into the accessory and heat and shrink to complete the installation.

In short, heat shrinkable cable accessories are an efficient, safe, and reliable wire and cable connector that are widely used in various fields such as power, communications, and transportation.


    Cold shrink cable accessories are a new type of wire splicing technology made of elastomer materials that are injection vulcanized in the factory. Its advantages include small size, easy and rapid operation, no need for special tools, wide application range and few product specifications. During installation, these prefabricated cable accessory components are placed over the treated cable ends or joints, and the internal supporting plastic spiral strips are pulled out and pressed against the cable insulation. Compared with traditional heat-shrinkable cable accessories, cold-shrinkable cable accessories shrink by elastic retraction force at room temperature and do not require the use of fire source heating.

    Cold shrink cable accessories are mainly composed of metal parts and rubber parts. Metal parts include an inner core and an outer sheath, while rubber parts include an inner rubber lining layer and an outer protective rubber layer. The outer sheath is made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride, while the inner lining is made of imported butyl rubber, which makes the cold shrink cable accessories have excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

When using cold shrink cable accessories, you need to check whether the wiring is correct before installing. When installing, first open the cover to the appropriate position, insert the wire end and fix both ends firmly, then cover the wire end with the cover and fix it with screws. It should be noted that it is strictly prohibited to overload the use of cold shrink cable accessories, nor to expose them to high temperatures for a long time.

The above content is for reference only. If you need more information, it is recommended to consult relevant literature or consult an electrical engineer.


    Prefabricated cable accessories are prefabricated cable accessories that are installed and connected at the construction site to improve the efficiency and quality of cable installation. Compared with traditional cable accessories, prefabricated cable accessories have the following advantages:

1. Easy installation: Prefabricated cable accessories are made in the factory, which avoids the tedious process and time of making cable accessories on site, reduces the difficulty of installation, and improves installation efficiency.

2. Quality assurance: Prefabricated cable accessories are made with high-precision molds, which have high precision and stable quality, avoiding human errors and environmental impacts during on-site production.

3. High reliability: Prefabricated cable accessories are made of high-quality materials such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and flame retardant. They have high mechanical strength and electrical performance and high reliability.

4. Good safety: Prefabricated cable accessories have good insulation and waterproof properties, which can ensure the safe operation of the cable and reduce the risk of failure.

5. Long life: Prefabricated cable accessories are made of high-quality materials and have a long service life, reducing the frequency of replacement and maintenance.

In short, as a new type of cable accessory product, prefabricated cable accessories have the advantages of easy installation, quality assurance, high reliability, good safety, and long life. They are one of the development trends of cable accessories in the future.

The company adheres to the concept of environmental friendliness and smart connection, and is willing to work with you to create green and sustainable development, leading smart technology power industry.

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