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Porcelain Casing, Composite Casing Termination

Cable terminal external insulation materials are mainly divided into two types: inorganic materials and organic materials; inorganic materials mainly include porcelain, glass, etc.; organic materials mainly include rubber, epoxy resin, etc.
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Porcelain casing, composite casing termination product introduction:

Porcelain bushing termination is mainly composed of terminals, porcelain bushings, stress cones, stress cone covers, tail pipes and other components filled with insulating oil. The stress cone is made of high electrical performance rubber molding, and the porcelain sleeve is made of high-strength porcelain with excellent performance. Key parts adopt a double-layer sealing structure to avoid water seepage and oil leakage during operation.

Composite casing is terminated. Its external insulation is a composite casing composed of an epoxy fiberglass tube with an insulating rubber rain skirt on the outside. The rest of the structure is similar to that of porcelain casing. Due to the use of rubber as the outer layer, it has good leakage resistance. Trace-resistant and hydrophobic, it has excellent anti-fouling properties. It can greatly reduce the harm caused by explosion to personnel and equipment when an accident occurs in the termination. The composite bushing termination is light in weight, only 40% of the porcelain bushing termination at the same voltage level, and is easy to install and transport.

Product execution standards: IEC60840-2011, GB/T11017.3-2014

Porcelain casing, composite casing termination product features:

Porcelain casing termination:

It adopts high-strength porcelain sleeve, which has high mechanical strength, good stability and no aging. It is especially suitable for coastal areas and areas with harsh natural environment.

It adopts an alternating structure of large and small umbrella skirts. Tests have proved that it has excellent pollution resistance and is suitable for Class IV pollution areas.

The sealing structure is specially designed with good sealing performance, eliminating possible defects such as water immersion and oil leakage.

The main insulating components have been tested in the factory according to standard regulations.

composite casing termination:

The epoxy casing is covered with a silicone rubber shed, and the casing is filled with high-quality liquid filler. It is suitable for densely populated areas and areas with concentrated electrical equipment.

It is safe and explosion-proof and will not harm people or nearby electrical equipment.

Light weight and easy to install.

It has good stain resistance and the external insulation is not easy to age.

The main insulating components have been tested in the factory according to standard regulations.

YJZWY3: suitable for outdoor class D pollution

YJZWY4, YJZWFY4: suitable for outdoor class E pollution grade

Rated voltage: 48/66kV, 56/77kV, applicable cable section: 150 ~ 1600mm2

Rated voltage: 64/110kV, applicable cable section: 240 ~ 3000mm2

YJZWC4, YJZWCF4: suitable for outdoor class IV pollution grade

Rated voltage: 76/132kv, 76/138kv, 87/150kv, applicable cable section: 240 ~ 1600mm2

Rated voltage: 127/220kV, applicable cable section: 240 ~ 3000mm2

YJZW Y4, YJZFY4: suitable for outdoor class IV pollution grade

Rated voltage: 290/500kV, applicable cable section: 800 ~ 3000mm2

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